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The word 'Upholstery' comes from the middle English words 'Up' and ' Holden' meaning to 'Hold up'.

Traditional materials are used in this handmade craft in the time honoured way to create, long lasting, comfortable seating. We use a broad range of materials for our work such as; Webbing, Tacks, Twines, Horse hair, Fibre, Cotton Felt, Canvas, Hessian, Wadding, Springs and Calico.

The time and skill involved in this hand made craft reflects in the final cost, but with the added value of a new lease of life to your cherished furniture. We will inspect the furniture carefully for damage and check all the joints, making any necessary repairs. We will French polish any show wood then re upholster or re-cover the  chair in your choice of Fabric.

We also undertake Contemporary Upholstery covering the following services: Re-covering, Re-caning, Rush-work, as well as Curtains, Blinds, Cushions, Bed Headboards and Canopy's, and Folding screens.

French polish is a finish commonly found on antique furniture. It is often mistakenly referred to as a substance to be applied to wood, but in actuality is a method of applying shellac to a woodworking project that produces a tough surface with a very glossy, mirror-like finish. French Polishing dates back as far as the Victorian era, but was brushed aside early in the 20th century in favour of less labour-intensive methods of finishing. However, this "lost art" produces a lustre that is next to impossible to duplicate with mass-production methods. French polish finishes are also very easy to repair.

We take time to listen to your individual requirements ensuring fabulous results. If there is anything else you may need more information on, please contact us.

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