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Modern and traditional techniques

At This Old House we work with Project Managers, Construction companies, Heritage Builders, Architects and other Construction Professionals in the restoration of stone, terracotta, porcelain and ceramic floors.

Our service range is varied but includes; Sympathetic restoration, deep cleaning and sealing, resurfacing, polishing - marble, travertine, terrazzo, limestone, basalt, heritage and listed properties, inspection, assessment and report writing.

If you have a question on a tiled flooring issue, for example; Unknown approach to a tiled floor restoration, Yorkstone or limestone flag cleaning, difficult restoration, resurfacing and polishing, reparation to damage caused by wrong cleaning techniques, quick response to a damaged floor due to spills, stains and marks. Using modern and traditional techniques we will help solve problems with your flooring. We often help rectify problems to a existing floor, that other over eager and inexperienced trades people have tried to work on. Our knowledge of cleaning and sealants is reinforced by close partnerships with manufacturers of those products.

We can clean and seal/strip and reseal existing floors that need attention for a number of reasons; The floor has been 'lived' with and conventional cleaners are not getting it clean, carpets are removed and a wonderful floor is revealed, but it is marked and filthy, stubborn marks and stains have become a nuisance, incorrect sealants or cleaner have been used, or simply attempts at cleaning a floor have resulted in adverse consequences!

We can put a variety of finishes on to an existing floor such as matt, satin or gloss. The types of finish will also depend on the type of floor that it is, and the sealant used. Please note that a high shine cannot be achieved on floor that has no damp course.

We are more than happy to advise and help with any information on the cleaning and restoration of hard floors. We have helped many home owners with their own projects, and have provided help and guidance. We have undertaken restorations on floors in a wide variety of buildings and locations. These include private homes, commercial properties, listed properties (Grade 1 and 2), churches and also heritage and conservation projects. We have worked on Victorian tiled floors, Minton tiled floors, through-body porcelains, as well as natural stone floors. Our knowledge of cleaning and sealants is reinforced by close partnerships with manufacturers of those products.

The following prices are only guidelines, as costs will depend on several factors, and are negotiable. For example, costs per square metre will probably be less if more than one room is to be treated. Also, in some circumstances, more than the usual preparation time and work may be involved, which could potentially increase the price slightly.

We provide a complete wood floor sanding and restoration service for clients who prefer to have the work done by experts, but we also offer a Sanding Only option for those who would rather apply the finish themselves. If you contact us, we will be happy to advise, and to give you an estimate, with absolutely no obligation.

This approach is applied to all our conventional and standard everyday work. However, we can happily go much further should customers require. For example, we can advise on non-standard green eco-friendly building materials and practices, which are becoming increasingly comparable in price to traditional materials.

  • Sanding only from £18.00 per m2
  • Sanding and 3 coats of Top Quality Varnish (Junckers) from £21.00 per m2
  • Extra coat of Varnish from £6 per m2
  • Sanding and 2 coats of Hardwax Oil (Osmo) from £23.00 per m2
  • Sanding and 3 coats of Wood Floor Oil (Blanchon) from £23 per m2
  • Staining (Morrells) from £6.00 per m2
  • Lime Washing / Liming / Bleaching / Whitening from £6 per m2
  • Gap Filling 1 = Sawdust + Resin from £6.00 per m2 (for gaps up to 5mm)
  • Gap Filling 2 = Reclaimed Wooden Slivers from £12.00 per m2 (for gaps more than 5mm)
  • Mixed Gap Filling from £9.00 per m2
  • Cosmetic Gap Filling from £3.00 per m2 (filling small cracks, old cuts and nail holes etc.)
  • Firebase Re-Stitch / Concrete Hearth Removal between £200 - £280 (depending on size and type)
  • Reclaimed Pine Floor Boards changed from £15.00 per linear metre
  • Stairs: Sand and Seal: from £43 to £59 per step (depending on condition and layers of paint)
  • Acoustic Insulation between £15.00 - £18.00 m2
  • Carpet Removal from £18 per room
  • Carpet Removal and Disposal from £45 per room
  • Additional Labour from £23 per hour (restoration, repairs and furniture removal etc.)

Maintaining services:

  • creening with one coat of varnish/sealer from £12 per m2
  • Screening with two coats of varnish/sealer from £18 per m2
  • Our minimal charge is currently £350.00
*All prices are subject to VAT at 20.0%.

Contacting Us

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