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We offer an effective, proven and extremely cost effective repair system which is suitable for any window, door or timber structure of your property.

Need an office? - Hobby room? - Children’s play room? - Gym? - Or just somewhere to unwind?

For the growing number of people working from home a garden building is an ideal place to separate your office from your living space. Alternatively, you might want to utilise the space as an area for relaxation/recreation. We can construct garden buildings to your exact requirements, employing traditional methods of construction to create fully insulated and weatherproof, comfortable and secure space.

Whether you have an idea of what you want from pictures in a magazine/website, or detailed drawings, I can work from these to create your bespoke garden building, tailoring the cost to suit your requirements.

Planning permission is usually unnecessary, making a garden building an economical alternative to moving or extending to gain space.

Using timber from well managed sustainable forests and modern high performance insulation materials including double glazing you can rest assured that your garden building will be made to last and is also kind to the environment.

Timber decking is a superb way to enhance any home or commercial property, often selected to make better use of awkward sloping gardens, or gardens with multiple levels and gardens of low maintenance.

The concept of decking is thought to date back to 17th century Japan. Americans and Canadians love decking but British gardeners only caught the bug in the late 1990s.

Q. Why are old timber windows worth keeping?

A. Old windows can contribute immeasurably to the special interest of a building. The timber used historically is superior to that widely available today. Compared to manufacture with modern substitute materials, use of timber is also more environmentally-friendly and facilitates easier repair. Substitutes are rarely as low-maintenance as often supposed testified, for instance, by the marketing of purpose-made paint for uPVC windows discoloured by sunlight. Additionally, lower long-term costs favour the retention of old timber windows.

Q. Cost, is the repair system expensive?

A. Approximately about a third of the cost of a complete new replacement window!

Q. Is decay or a desire to double-glaze a good reason to replace an old timber window?

A. Usually not. Existing timber windows can often be repaired and, if necessary, upgraded for draught-proofing or better security. Some examples of basic repairs are outlined below; upgrading methods will be the subject of a future article. During any work, be careful to protect old glass and ironmongery against damage or loss. Replacement is the last resort, and should be like-for-like in terms of style and materials.

The "Window Care" system has seen specifically developed for "in-situ" repairs, not requiring the glass to be removed.

This makes the system ideal for listed buildings or period property where window replacement would not be permitted or too expensive. This also results in the the minimum of making good and upheaval to the interior of your property.

It is ideal for the repair of sliding sash windows as it brings decaying joinery back to life and prevents you having to replace them.

The Windowcare system is an international product and is regularly specified by local authorities and architects.

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