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Terms and Conditions

THIS OLD HOUSE quotations and estimates assumes uninterrupted access (i.e. no other contractors on site) and free access to an adequate power supply, toilet facilities and warm running water etc:

It is an estimate and not a set quote - we will turn it into a fixed price quote before the work commences, by mutual agreement. The estimated price is based on the complete work specified being carried out, and THIS OLD HOUSE reserves the right to alter the individual prices should you wish to only have some of the work carried out.

Any decorating work noted, unless otherwise stated, assumed surfaces to be painted are in stable condition. Any tiling work noted, unless otherwise stated, assumes standard size and standard materials will be used. Extra time will be required (and therefore costs increased) for glass, natural stones and granites, oversized or small (mosaic) tiles. This list is not exclusive. In some circumstances a plumber will also be required to remove toilets etc, to be tiled under, or a carpenter may be needed to board out a difficult floor, and we reserve the right to instruct on your behalf and invoice you at the rates above. Any plumbing work noted, unless otherwise stated, assumes fittings supplied by the client will be fully compliant with the existing plumbing in the property, and therefore not requiring extra pressure or increased / decreased size of pipes or wastes. Estimators from THIS OLD HOUSE will require you to be as detailed as possible in describing your needs on the initial visit.

THIS OLD HOUSE will not, unless otherwise stated, remove large rubbish (old bathroom suites, old kitchen units, old doors, old tiles, packing) from the property. This service can be arranged by THIS OLD HOUSE on request, and there will be an associated charge. Certain smaller items such as empty paint tins, off-cuts of newly installed tiles, small sections of copper piping etc. will be removed as part of the standard service.

THIS OLD HOUSE will not be responsible for damage that may occur to existing fittings that are removed (for example skirting, dado rail etc). Where you would like them to be replaced we will use due care and attention as far as possible.

Our estimates are as detailed as possible to avoid any misunderstandings. If something is not explicitly listed, it has not been included. If something is missing that you would like included, please let us know and we revise the estimate accordingly.

Variation order - THIS OLD HOUSE reserves the right to alter the amount of the estimate, quote and hence the final invoice, should the specification of the works be changed or increased, or if unforeseen problems are encountered and dealt with. Wherever possible, client approval will be sought in advance of any such work being undertaken.

THIS OLD HOUSE reserves the right to refuse extra work requested after acceptance of this estimate. If extra work is accepted by THIS OLD HOUSE, and carried out, extra costs will be incurred.

The client agrees to the display of a sign visible from the exterior of their property displaying the company name and contact details for the duration on the works (unless this causes contravention of a lease clause).

The client may not employ the services of any contractor, sub-contractor or worker provided by THIS OLD HOUSE on a direct or indirect basis before or during works, and for a period of 12 months following completion of the works.

All materials & sundries supplied by THIS OLD HOUSE remain the property of THIS OLD HOUSE up until or otherwise paid for

A 30% deposit is required prior to the commencement of work Deposits are non-refundable, except in cases where THIS OLD HOUSE is unable to deliver the services agreed to, in which case a deposit would be refunded in full. Invoice terms are strictly 7 days following sign off. If clarification of any matters mentioned in this document are required, contact via:

Payment of deposit constitutes agreement to these terms and conditions.


6th April 2010